Welcome to MGigadrain LLC

This is a privately held entity that owns the RePixelated and Genysism brands. Any upcoming brands may also be listed below.

Please see the individual brands for their respective mission statements. MGigadrain LLC was developed with the sole mission to oversee its brands, making tax reporting and capital management easier. Most of our brands work in separate industries, so making this capital management easier can be a challenge.      

Thank you for your interest in MGigadrain. We hope you enjoy our brands!

Upcoming brands

Hidden Sun – No information is currently available for public release. Please stay tuned!


Please direct all inquiries to the individual brand. MGigadrain does not have a direct contact, and does not have additional power over the brands.

RePixelated / Genysism

Internet services brand focusing on Website design, development, and management. Visit >

Entertainment brand focused on gameplay from different video games (“let’s plays”) and topical discussions (“podcasts”). Visit >
(Fmr: MasterGigadrain Visit > )

No information is currently available, please stay tuned.